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Fibralit Cargo laminates with Microban Protection are more hygienical, easy to clean and safe, due to the layer of Anti-microbial Protection by Microban® incorporated to the polyester during manufacturing. Microban® action keeps the surfaces continuously active against microorganisms trying to attach themselves and proliferate in environments where laminates are commonly used.

Microban® technology inhibits bacteria and fungi growth, which may cause cross contamination, bio-films, stains, polyester degradation and bad odor. Therefore, Fibralit Cargo Laminates with Microban® Protection have a “brand-new look” to them for a longer time, due to its ease of clean without need of any hard scrubbing.

Without Microban Protection
With Microban Protection
Important: Microban®’s Anti-microbial Protection does not dismiss all normal cleaning procedures, but it rather works as a fundamental supplement to the panel’s good hygiene.

Microban Products Company is a United States based company, world leader in anti-microbial technologies and solutions and it is also the only one with certifications and registrations in the main regulatory bodies around the world, for contacts with food, people and worldwide hygiene standard: NSF, NSF Brasil, EPA (EUA), FDA, SCF (European Community).
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